Can we permit a proposed project here near an airport?

The South Carolina Aeronautics Commission has made available the Compatible Land Use Evaluation (CLUE) tool to the general public and local permitting authorities.  The web-based tool features a trial area where anyone may evaluate construction locations as to the compatibility with South Carolina State Aeronautical Laws (Title 55) governing development in the vicinity of a South Carolina airport. The tool will also have an area for local permitting officials (LPOs) to log in and enter information about proposed developments for the Aeronautics Commission to review and comment before permitting.  The CLUE tool is a great planning tool to evaluate all types of proposed construction projects. The tool was designed to assist developers and local permitting authorities in complying with Title 55 requirements.

To try the tool, point your browser to:

To begin using the Local Permitting Official (LPO) portion of the tool, please contact the Aeronautics Commission to obtain a username and password for your planning, zoning, and/or building permit agency.

South Carolina Aeronautics Commission

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