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Earning CM Credits

In order to keep the AICP credential, members must complete 32 CM credits including 1.5 CM credits toward ethics and law. To make it easier for you to fulfill your CM requirements, APA created a web page to help AICP members find free CM credits that are offered through on demand education. If you have not fulfilled the ethics or law requirements, a convenient way to earn the required CM credits is to participate with APA’s e-Learning. These online options offer easy access to educational materials for members with busy schedules and lean budgets.

Other resources available to claim training are the self-reporting and authoring tools located on your CM log. The self-report tool enables members to earn up to 8 credits within each two-year reporting period for activities that meet CM criteria that are not entered by a CM provider. The authoring tool enables members to earn up to 16 credits within each two-year reporting period for authoring published, planning-related double-blind peer-reviewed journal articles. Members who have not fulfilled their CM requirements by the end of the reporting period (December 31) automatically have a four-month grace period to attend and record all 32 CM credits in their personal CM log by April 30. Please note that a failure to do so by April 30 will result in a lapse in AICP membership. AICP members in certain life and career situations may be eligible for a temporary or permanent exemption from the requirements to earn Certification Maintenance. To learn more, please review the CM Exemption options. Please note the last day to apply for an exemption is December 31, the last day of the two-year reporting period. Applications will not be accepted during the grace period.

Should you experience a problem reporting your CM credits, have general questions about the CM program.

Please contact CM customer service at AICPCM@planning.org.

APA Ambassadors Program

The APA Ambassador Program is a national effort to support member volunteers in their work to educate and engage local students and community members. Click here to find out what these activities look like. In conducting these activities, APA hopes our Ambassadors can reach future planners with diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Interested in volunteering? You must be an APA member and commit to conducting two activities per year. APA will support you along the way! Check out APA Ambassadors page for more information.

Congratulations to the following APA Ambassadors:


Jennifer Werking, AICP, Charleston County and Celia Boyd Myers, AICP, Anderson.


Jennifer Werking, AICP, Charleston County; Jessica Piedrahita, Greenville and Celia Boyd Myers, AICP, Anderson.


Pilot Year included Saila Milja-Smyly, AICP, Mt. Pleasant.