If you are an aspiring American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) candidate, and you are experiencing a financial hardship (including a hardship caused by a budget cutback in a firm or agency) that would cause you to defer taking the AICP exam, you may qualify for the 2016 AICP Exam Fee Scholarship.

Every year, the American Planning Association (APA) allots a certain number of scholarships to APA Chapters.  For the 2016 calendar year, APA has allotted APA South Carolina one scholarship to award to a APA South Carolina member.  The scholarship recipient would pay reduced fees to take the AICP exam, as follows:

  • First time AICP applicants: $145 (combined $70 application and $75 exam fee)
  • Previously approved AICP applicants: $75 (exam fee only)
  • Included in the scholarship will be the APA South Carolina AICP prep course.

The application fee is $70, the exam fee after approval is $425, and the AICP prep course is $110 for a total of $620.  The value of the scholarship is $460.

If you are interested, and believe you would qualify, please forward your letter of interest to southerlanda@charleston-sc.gov demonstrating how you meet the following criteria:

  • A APA South Carolina member in good standing;
  • Without the reduced fee, you are unlikely to take the exam;
  • Your employer will not adequately subsidize the exam fee;
  • Minority groups are highly encouraged to apply.

If not currently a member of APA South Carolina, you may submit your letter of interest with the understanding that you would be required to become a member if selected for the scholarship. Chapter membership is $35 annually.

All letters must be received by February 19, 2016. APA South Carolina would thereafter make a recommendation to APA for one APA South Carolina member, who has submitted the most compelling letter of interest, to receive the scholarship.