Dorchester County is soliciting proposals to provide a Growth Management Plan for the Ridgeville/Givhans area of the County.  Dorchester County’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan sets a vision of growth for this area and due to recent economic development projects coming to fruition faster than anticipated along with healthy and robust market conditions, there has been intense development pressure.  The area however, is very rural and does not have the infrastructure needed to support development.  This prompted the County last year to create and adopt a Growth Management Plan for this area that identifies the shortfalls and created an urban growth boundary as a temporary measure to limit rezonings for higher density.  It is the desire of the County through this RFP to engage a consultant to perform a build-out analysis of this area, identify the needed infrastructure, and provide recommendations for financing and implementation of infrastructure improvements.

Click this link to view the solicitation.  The deadline for submissions is November 18, 2022 at 2:00pm EDT.