Transportation Planner
County of Greenville
: $47,249.40
Closing Date: December 10, 2021

Job Summary
Under general supervision of the Transportation Planning Manager, this position plans, organizes, and prepares transportation plans for the County of Greenville and the MPO. This position assists with day to day operations, current and long range County-wide transportation planning and provides support and assistance for the management and direction of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) known as GPATS (Greenville-Pickens Area Transportation Study). This position provides coordination and assistance with Pedestrian, Bike and Greenways initiatives. It also coordinates the MPO’s transition into Performance Based Planning and Programming. This position provides additional support in the development of community area plans, the comprehensive plan and long range planning as it relates to transportation programs and initiatives.

 Essential Functions

  • Exercises good customer service techniques, such as listening, effective communications and problem solving, (i.e., acts according to the County’s customer service standard).
  • Assists members of the general public.
  • Confers with the public, elected and appointed officials, developers, engineers, etc., concerning transportation issues, guidelines, county ordinances, current and long range transportation plans, etc. Represents the County professionally at all times.
  • Attends meetings with public officials from Federal, State and Local jurisdiction agencies, citizen and stakeholder groups to gain insight and comments on transportation related issues, and makes presentations on transportation matters to councils, boards, committees and stakeholder groups.
  • Coordinates programs and planning with various agencies including other County departments, SCDOT, Program Managers, Construction Managers, school districts, and municipalities.
  • Prepares progress reports on projects, ensures that projects and work assignments are completed in timely manner.
  • Reviews the development of transportation plans with Transportation Manager; consults with staff on same.
  • Development of new pedestrian, bicycle and greenways projects and seeks innovative methods of design, funding and project oversight. Acts as our liaison with the various groups involved and facilitates the Bike and Pedestrian Coordinating Committee.
  • Performs GIS Mapping applications for research, presentations, meetings, and plans. Maintains GPATS transportation databases. Maintains accurate mapping data for websites and projects.
  • Provides on-demand mapping assistance for staff, stakeholder, and public consumption.
  • Runs the GPATS Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) and Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Planning Projects. Coordinates with GPATS, SCDOT, and applying jurisdictions on the processes, funding, implementation, and reporting of grant monies. Oversees program modification to increase efficiency when necessary.
  • Coordinates with SCDOT and Federal agencies on Performance Based Planning and Programming. Ensures the timely establishment and monitoring of performance targets in the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
  • Develops and monitors GPATS social media content and oversees GPATS website content updates.
  • Ensures efficient operation, perceives planning problems; formulates and implements solutions as needed.
  • Attends professional conferences, meetings, training, seminars, etc., as necessary to maintain and enhance job knowledge and skills.
  • Prepares staff reports as required, technical study reports and makes recommendations, conclusions, etc. presents and/or distributes reports as appropriate and required.
  • Performs general administrative/clerical work as required, including conducting and attending meetings, preparing reports and correspondence, reviewing mail and literature, entering and retrieving computer data, sending and receiving faxes, copying and filing documents, answering the telephone, etc.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications
May have a Master’s degree or Bachelor’s Degree in planning, transportation or considerable experience in a related field, or any equivalent combination of training and experience. American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) designation is preferred.

Interested applicants should visit to apply and for more information about the County of Greenville.