SCAPA | CPAT Announcement

Hello SCAPA members,


SCAPA’s Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) program provides pro bono planning assistance to communities in our state with little or no professional planning capabilities. To date, CPAT projects have been conducted in Chesnee in 2016, and Georgetown in 2018.

This year, CPAT is very excited to take on a new project in St. George, South Carolina. The project will involve downtown redevelopment to stimulate growth and attract business. We are tentatively planning for the project to take place during mid-summer.

CPAT project teams require volunteers from our membership. Teams are usually composed of about six to eight members. A team leader is also identified, and plays a key role. The team spends about 48 hours in the host community carrying out the project. Some preliminary and follow-up work, especially on the part of the team leader, is typical.

CPAT-assisted communities greatly benefit from, and greatly appreciate, the help our program provides. CPAT projects are an excellent professional development opportunity for SCAPA members, and also a lot of fun!

I would like to invite any member of SCAPA who is interested in serving as a team member or team leader to identify yourself via the CPAT volunteer webpage found here:

If you have skills or experience you think would be particularly helpful to the St. George project, we would especially like to hear from you. You can also contact me directly using the information below.


Thanks so much,


Jeff Parkey

CPAT Chair

(864) 260-1057