Full RFP – Submittals Due February 9, 2021 no later than 2:00 PM

RFP- Lancaster County, SC

The County of Lancaster, South Carolina (“County”) is requesting sealed Offers from qualified firms (“Vendor(s)”) for a fee schedule for services titled  Planning UDO Update; Solicitation No. 400210205”. Offers shall be received by Lancaster County Procurement, located at 101 N. Main St., Lancaster, South Carolina 29720, until 2:00 PM ON Tuesday, February 9, 2021 and all Offers to this solicitation shall be publicly announced by reading thereafter. Responses to this solicitation will be used to determine which Vendor is capable of performing this solicitation’s scope of work in a manner determined to  best meet the needs of the County for this individual solicitation.

It is the intent and purpose of the County that this solicitation permits competition. It is the responsibility of the Vendors to advise the County if any language, specifications or requirements, or any combination thereof, inadvertently limits the competition in this solicitation to a single source. If any language, specifications, terms and conditions, or any combination thereof restricts or limits the requirements in this solicitation to a single source, it shall be the responsibility of the interested Vendor to notify the Procurement Department in writing within seven (7) days prior to the opening date. The solicitation may or may not be changed but a review of such notification will be made.

Each Offer must meet all terms, conditions, and specifications of this solicitation in order to obtain contract award. By virtue of submission, Vendor acknowledges agreement and acceptance of all provisions except as those expressly consented in this solicitation. Non-substantial deviations may be considered, provided Vendor submits a full explanation and justification of proposed deviations. Whether any such proposed deviation is deemed non-substantial will be determined by the County in its sole discretion.

Each Vendor shall fully acquaint themselves with conditions relating to the scope and restrictions attending the execution of work under the conditions of this solicitation. It is expected that this may sometimes require on-site observations. The failure or omission of a Vendor to acquaint themselves with existing conditions shall in no way relieve them of any obligation with respect to this Offer or to eventual contract.

It is the intent and purpose of this solicitation to give equal consideration to all Offers. Evaluations of each submission will also factor expertise, experience, capabilities, and references into any consideration of award. Lastly, to ensure the integrity of the competitive process, all Vendors must avoid contacting any County employees, public officials, or other individuals other than the person(s) listed in this document, either directly or indirectly.

Solicitation No:
Date Issued:
December 22, 2020
Cathy McDaniel
Notifications for this solicitation, including addenda and award, can be located on the County website
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