RFP – Oral History Project, Charleston

Request for Proposals No. 5284-19Z

Oral History Project: A Journey to Equal Education, Stories from Historic African-American Communities

The purpose of this project is to interview alumni and faculty members from W. Gresham Meggett Elementary and High School, which attended and/or taught grades 1-12 for African-American students. The school was constructed as part of the South Carolina Equalization Program, which was enacted by lawmakers in 1951.

Preservation efforts have been underway for the W. Gresham Meggett school. A local non-profit, Heritage Community Development Corporation, has been formed to preserve the school and create an exhibit on the South Carolina Equalization Program, and specifically life as a student attending W. Gresham Meggett in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. The school was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This project will work closely with the Heritage Community Development Corporation and other community stakeholders.

The oral histories, along with the final report and deliverable, will provide insight on the lives of African-American students in the midst of de-segregation.  The stories and experiences, paired with academic research on the Civil Rights Movement, will allow historians to better understand the cultural impacts of segregation and de-segregation. The grant products will be used by the County and local public institutions and non-profits (such as the Charleston County Public Library, Charleston County School District, College of Charleston, Avery Research Institute, etc.) for preservation planning, heritage tourism development and education.

Proposals are due Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 3:00 PM.

Please view the Request For Proposals 5284-19Z