Name of Organization: Mint Hill

Location: Mint Hill, North Carolina

Name of RFP: Comprehensive Plan Update

Full RFP – Submittals Due August 10, 2020

The purpose of this Request for Proposals is to obtain competitive proposals from qualified individuals or firms interested in performing a Comprehensive Plan Update for the Town of Mint Hill, North Carolina. The Comprehensive Plan Update will serve as a guide in considering changes in policy, infrastructure planning, transportation, zoning, and land use planning in the Town of Mint Hill. State law requires that as a condition of adopting and applying zoning regulations a local government shall adopt and reasonably maintain a comprehensive plan that sets forth goals, policies, and programs intended to guide the present and future physical, social, and economic development of the jurisdiction. A comprehensive plan is intended to guide coordinated, efficient, and orderly development within the planning and development regulation jurisdiction based on an analysis of present and future needs. Planning analysis may address inventories of existing conditions and assess future trends regarding demographics, economic, environmental, and cultural factors. The planning process shall include opportunities for citizen engagement in plan preparation and adoption. In addition to a comprehensive plan, a local government may prepare and adopt such other plans as deemed appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, land use plans, small area plans, neighborhood plans, hazard mitigation plans, transportation plans, housing plans, and recreation and open space plans. If adopted pursuant to the process set forth in this section, such plans shall be considered in review of proposed zoning amendments.