Lexington County, South Carolina is requesting proposals from professional firms for assistance in the creation of a new Comprehensive Plan in accordance with South Carolina Code Title 6 Chapter 29. The intent of this Request for Proposals is to procure professional third-party consulting services to undertake appropriate land use planning processes, environmental analysis, economic, demographic, transportation and fiscal analyses, coordinating community engagement and public participation with the result being the preparation of an entirely new Comprehensive Plan for the County of Lexington, South Carolina. This Plan shall be prepared in accordance with established and well-recognized State Laws, as well as conventional, systematic planning practice and design, serving to create an innovative, visionary, policy guideline document accounting for rapid growth, design principles, as well as the continued utilization of existing and functional, conservative County land use planning policies. 

The final product will be a completely new, stand-alone, Comprehensive Plan, providing a 10-year, long-range vision for a local government that has not seen or utilized such a document in quite some time. This document will include all of the mandatory surveys and studies upon which the data is based, inventories of existing conditions, a statement of needs and goals and implementation strategies with general time frames and funding alternatives to support the communities needs within a minimum of the nine required planning elements. The production shall include coordination with all local school districts, infrastructure providers, municipalities, adjoining counties and other governing jurisdictions, as may be affected by such a Plan. 

Please view the full RFP here.