City of Anderson Comprehensive Plan – Request for Qualifications

The City of Anderson, South Carolina is requesting qualifications from professional and experienced consultants to develop a Comprehensive Plan for the City in accordance with the preliminary scope of work and expectations outlined in the RFQ. The Comprehensive Plan will be forward thinking and address anticipated growth in a way that ensures Anderson is the most desirable city in the region.

Anderson is located in the Upstate region of South Carolina at the midpoint along the Interstate 85 corridor between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. With its growing population (28,000 and rising), the City of Anderson is dedicated to addressing rapid growth patterns by developing strategic plans that reflect a vision set forth by the community.
Significant City projects that currently shape progress include a new downtown master plan, expansion of the recreation center and sports facilities, new and expanded parks, a joint city/county wayfinding plan, a downtown parking study, and a new shared kitchen incubator for food entrepreneurs. Significant private sector projects include a new Hilton hotel downtown, a substantial rise in the construction of new housing developments, and continuous commercial growth along Anderson’s major corridors and the downtown district.

Project Scope
The Comprehensive Plan process will include the inventory, analysis, and synthesis of information and recommendations with a strong emphasis on land use planning, infrastructure, economic and community development, recreation, and housing. The selected consultant(s), with direction from the City, will engage the community in a participatory process; facilitate public meetings; prepare the proposed plan for review by the City; and, based on this collective information and input, finalize the updated Comprehensive Plan. The Plan will be adopted by the City Council and Planning Commission and will be used as a guide for local development, policies, and capital improvement projects that define the quality of life in Anderson.

Submittal Requirements
Responses to this RFQ must include the following:
1. Cover Letter and Table of Contents: The RFQ must include a cover letter that provides a summary of the contents of the RFQ and a table of contents laying out each section with corresponding page numbers.
2. Introduction and Qualifications: This section should contain an overview of the firm and the identified project manager, professional support staff, principal in charge, and known sub-consultant/contractor relationships. Statements of qualifications and resumes for project team members with specific mention of related projects are encouraged.
3. Summary of Experience: Provide a list of past and active projects including the name, type of project, location, firm’s role in the project, and status of the project.
4. Public Engagement Approach: List at least three innovative public engagement activities utilized in past projects.
5. References: A list of three references and contacts from past or current client relationships involving similar projects.
6. Optional Items
a. Preliminary scope of services and timeline to complete the project (the final scope of services and timeline will be determined upon the selection of the consultant).
b. Other support material or sample documents that demonstrate the firm’s success in the comprehensive planning process and/or creative approaches to public outreach and community engagement.

The City of Anderson will use the following metrics to evaluate the consultant’s qualifications:
• Quality of Proposal in terms of specifically addressing the submittal requirements and project scope to support a unique and customized proposal for Anderson.
• Technical Capabilities and Specialized Knowledge of Comprehensive Planning
• Creative and Successful Experience with Public Engagement
• Professional Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience
• References

Questions, Contact, Timeline
Submittal Deadline: Friday, October 15 at 5pm
One digital copy of the proposal should be submitted to:
Mary Haley Thompson
Director of Strategic Projects
City of Anderson
Proposals will be reviewed by staff the week of October 18. Interviews will be scheduled the week of October 25.
Questions about this RFQ or about the process may be directed to Mary Haley Thompson at

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