Review of Charleston County Zoning and Land Development Regulations Ordinance

Charleston County, SC is seeking a consultant with demonstrated professional expertise in all types of development regulations, including: zoning, subdivision, land development and design standards, to provide the following services:

  1. Provide a comprehensive review of the County’s Zoning & Land Development Regulations Ordinance (ZLDR) for consistency with the County’s adopted 2015 Comprehensive Plan, South Carolina Law, and current zoning and land development principles, practices and processes, and provide a written executive summary of the review that includes a list and description of recommended ZLDR ordinance amendments identified from the review; and
  2. The consultant will work with Zoning and Planning Department staff and the Planning Commission to prepare a strategy for developing ZLDR ordinance amendments identified as a result of the consultant’s review, and specifically will address the following: Historic Preservation regulations to implement recommendations of the Charleston County Historic Resources Survey Update, 2016, including the potential for the County to become a Certified Local Government; Short-Term Rental regulations; and review and update Table 6.1.1, Use Table, including, but not limited to: revising/combining existing zoning districts; adding new zoning districts as necessary and to implement the future land use designations of the Comprehensive Plan that have not yet been addressed in the ZLDR ordinance; standards for Urban/Suburban areas vs. Rural areas as identified in the Comprehensive Plan; and reviewing/revising the definitions and conditions of use (definitions for new uses must also be included).

To download the complete Request for Proposals (with a detailed scope of work), visit this website: and navigate to RFP No. 5101-17W.

Deadline to submit proposals: October 11, 2016 AT 3:00 p.m.