Planning/GIS Manager – Lexington County
Salary: $60,128.00


Job Purpose:
Implements the use of GIS technology and its related services and applications wherever needed throughout Lexington County while supervising GIS software and computer purchases and licensing within the Department. Supervises County GIS and planning projects including those of the Planning Commission, ensuring that GIS technology is used wherever beneficial.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
– Implements the use of GIS technology wherever needed throughout the County; promotes the collection of data in a manner that can be linked to GIS spatial applications.

This is an important management position in the administrative and technical structure of Lexington County. The County is currently in the process of embarking on a monumental event, the creation and implementation of the first, modern, Comprehensive Land Use Plan in accordance with the State Planning Enabling Legislation. This position will have the unique opportunity to influence that Plan by significantly contributing to the deployment of modern GIS data, technology and story mapping the process. Familiarity and experience with land use and comprehensive planning principles and practices.

How to Apply
Apply under Job Posting number: 010420
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