I. Introduction
The Town of Pacolet is requesting qualifications for a Comprehensive Plan. The last plan was completed in 1999. This plan would be in conjunction with creating a new Town Master Plan which will also be posted through a similar process. These two plans will be necessary to properly manage and encourage new investment in the Pacolet Area. The Comprehensive Plan will be forward thinking and address anticipated growth as related to the Master Plan.

II. Background:
Originally known as Trough Shoals, the area was purchased by the Montgomery and Walker, Fleming, and Company in 1881 to develop a textile mill along the Pacolet River. In 1884 the mill, built by John H. Montgomery, became operational as the Pacolet Manufacturing Company. As the mill became successful the town grew, eventually receiving investment from Seth Milliken, a New York merchant with the Deering Milliken Company. The mill owners built an entire town around their mill including all the housing, stores, quality of life and infrastructure necessary to attract and retain the employment needed to run such a large-scale mill operation. Eventually Milliken & Co became the owner of this mill. The mill operated until 1983 when it closed permanently. Pacolet has all the necessary components to see investment occur in the community, including a vibrant river, a beautiful mill town (originally design by the famous landscape architect Earl Draper) and the footprints of a large former mill development. The Pacolet Mills area of the town is still powered by the hydroelectric dams installed in the past providing sustainable green energy to its residents through Lockhart Power.

III. Objective:
This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is for a firm that can produce a plan to develop the Town of Pacolet and direct potential investment for the future. The Town is therefore seeking a new Comprehensive Plan which will state the community’s goals and policies regarding its future in terms of commercial vitality, residential and multifamily housing, open space, community facilities and services, and infrastructure. The Plan should serve as a guide for orderly growth and change and provide a rational basis for future planning and zoning decisions. This new Plan should also review the 1999 comprehensive Plan and the Town of Pacolet Zoning Ordinances and identify relevant sections that should remain, be revised, or be removed. This review should include recognition of deficiencies of the current plan and identification of elements that should be incorporated into the new plan. The Comprehensive Plan should be developed pursuant to the state enabling legislation, Section 6-29-510 of the South Carolina Code of Laws [also known as the South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994]. The Plan must include, but not be limited to, the following planning elements:

• Population
• Economic Development
• Natural Resources
• Cultural Resources
• Community Facilities
• Housing
• Land Use
• Transportation
• Priority investment
• Resiliency

The selected consultant will be responsible for the Comprehensive Plan process and scope of work included but not limited to the following items:

a. Develop a timeline for the completion of the Comprehensive Plan with clear deadlines and specific action items identified for each phase of the project.
b. Inventory of existing conditions.
c. A statement of needs and goals.
d. Establish and implement a community outreach strategy to ensure appropriate resident, business, and Town staff involvement is present throughout the planning process. The public outreach efforts will help to establish and prioritize goals and strategies to meet the community’s vision.
e. Evaluate the existing Comprehensive Plan and other Town plans, studies, and reports that support development and strategic growth.

IV. Submittal Requirements:
The RFQ must include a list of at least 3 jurisdictions (and their contact information) that the firm has provided plans for as well as costs for each. These previous plans should be the most recent projects the firm has completed. The submission must include a cost estimate. Please also provide a list all team members that would be involved in completing the plan including their role and biographies. Applicant should demonstrate how the team would approach the project, specific reasons for the respondent’s interest in pursuing the project, and why the respondent is most qualified to undertake this project. Two printed and one digital copy must be submitted to Town of Pacolet by December 9th, 2022, at 2:00 PM. Firms must submit copies both digitally and printed of other plans previously completed by other communities of similar size to Pacolet. A list of references and all past municipalities should also be included so the Town of Pacolet can fully evaluate your firm’s work. Submit Quote Packet to:

Patrick Kay, Town Administrator
180 Montgomery Avenue
P O Box 700
Pacolet, SC 29372

V. Deadline
The deadline for all submissions is December 9th, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. Town reserves the right to extend the deadline should more time be needed to receive proposals.

IV. Evaluation
The Town of Pacolet will use the following metrics to evaluate the consultant’s qualifications:
✓ Quality of Proposal in terms of specifically addressing the submittal requirements and project scope to support a unique and customized proposal for Pacolet.
✓ Technical Capabilities and Specialized Knowledge of Comprehensive Planning
✓ Creative and Successful Experience with Public Engagement
✓ Professional Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience
✓ References

Questions should be directed to Patrick Kay, Town Administrator at pkay@townofpacolet.com so that
answers to all questions will be made public to other bidders.