Active Transportation Planner
$60,210.00 – $96,869.00
Closing Date: August 9, 2022

Position Overview
Serves as the manager for active transportation initiatives assigned to the Office of Planning. Coordinates the development, implementation, and management of cycling and walking plans with each TMA, MPO, and COG in South Carolina. Develops and communicates best practices that address cycling/walking plan completeness, plan consistency between regions, and SCDOT’s goals for these plans. Develops a statewide cycling and walking plan from regional coordination. Assists SCDOT and FHWA staff on matters related to active transportation planning. Serves as an extension of TMA/MPO/COG staff with regard to cycling and walking planning initiatives. Ensures collaboration and coordination across the many roles responsible for effective transportation planning. Effectively manages consultant contracts where needed.  Provides training and education to SCDOT staff and TMA/MPO/COG partners related to walking and cycling planning initiatives in accordance with Complete Streets and associated programs. Prepares and performs presentations as needed and as requested to negotiate cooperation and share SCDOT’s objectives. Assists in analyzing multiple data sources related to walking and cycling, including but not limited to volumes, capacities, and crash locations. Provides feedback to assist with project specific safety, feasibility, and/or suitability concerns. Coordinates with SCDOT and FHWA staff as appropriate. Supports the Regional Mobility Program Chief with the development of Department policy related to active transportation. This includes improvements to existing directives, including Complete Streets, and the identification and establishment of needed policy, where appropriate. Coordinates with SCDOT’s Engineering Division to arrive at recommendations that represent the best interests of SCDOT holistically. Coordinates the inclusion of TMA/MPO/COG cycling and walking plan elements with their associated Long Range Transportation Plan, where necessary, for consistency across planning documents and assists in the management of consultant contracts related to the development of TMA/MPO/COG plans. Participates on committees, workshops, and other working groups to represent SCDOT’s cycling and walking initiatives and the Office of Planning’s interests.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

Successful candidate will possess:
A bachelor’s degree and three (3) years of relevant program experience; or an approved acceptable equivalence in accordance with State Human Resources Regulations. A valid motor vehicle operator’s license is required.

How to Apply:
Please click the link –[0]=Department%20of%20Transportation-Headquarters&sort=Salary%7CDescending