Dear APA members,
Recently, APA invited you to participate in a brief online survey and share your ideas on food systems planning. We want to make sure that members from all APA chapters are well represented so we are sending out this direct survey reminder request. Even if you or your organization does not currently work in food systems planning, we still want to hear from you. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes. Your responses will provide important insight into the current state of food systems planning in the United States.
Take the survey:
This survey is part of the Growing Food Connections project. With funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, this five-year initiative will build the capacity of planners and policy makers to support community food systems. Project partners include APA, American Farmland Trust, Cultivating Healthy Places, Ohio State University, and the University at Buffalo.
Questions? Please contact Jeanne Leccese, Project Coordinator, Growing Food Connections at, or Anna Ricklin, Manager, APA Planning and Community Health Research Center at
Thank you in advance for your participation.
*This survey is voluntary and your responses will be recorded anonymously. It has been approved by Institutional Review Board at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. You will receive no monetary compensation for participation.