Opening Date: July 22, 2019

Closing Date: August 9, 2019 11:59 PM

Salary Range: $47,507.20 – $74,734.40 Annually

Job Description: Administers the Land Management and related ordinances. Provides staff support for Planning Commission, Design Review Boards, Board of Zoning Appeals and Technical Advisory Committee. Administers land development regulations. Investigate violations of the Land Management ordinance. Conducts reviews to ensure compliance with land development and sign regulations. Administers City Address Policy and assign appropriate addresses. Provides technical assistance to City Staff and Public regarding Land Development regulations. Researches and prepares amendments to the Land Development regulations. Attends boards, commission and community meetings that extend beyond the normal work schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Provide Staff Support for Planning Commission, Design Review Boards, Board of Zoning Appeals and Technical Advisory Committee (30%): Review development proposals with prospective applicants. Inspect sites to view proposal context. Work with developers to improve proposed developments in keeping with City plans and design guidelines. Evaluate development applications in relation to City policies and comprehensive plan principles and use creativity to work with applicants to modify proposed developments according to best practice urban design principles. Conduct joint City Staff application reviews. Prepare legal notice ads for publication. Provide planning
analyses of development proposals and prepare staff reports. Prepare council chambers for Planning Commission, Design Review Boards and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings. Confer with Board/Commission chairs and orchestrate meetings. Present oral staff reports to boards and public. Edit meeting minutes. Prepare revised Planning Commission staff reports for transmission to City Council. Prepare monthly report to City Manager conveying Board/Commission actions and results. Collaborate with City Attorney and City Clerk offices on form and content of proposed adopting ordinances. Prepare correspondence to applicants advising of decisions. Finalize subdivision plats for
recording at register of deeds office. Work to improve efficiency of development process.

Provide Technical Assistance to City Staff and Public Regarding Land Development Regulations (30%): Inspect properties with the building division to translate development requirements before converting uses/occupancies. Confer with City Staff, designers, applicants, developers and Public about development requirements and procedures via face-to-face meetings, phone, and on-site visits. Prepare correspondence to parties conveying requirements and procedures.

Conduct Reviews To Ensure Compliance With Land Development And Sign Regulations (30%): Meet with City staff and permit applicants to discuss development regulations pertinent to permit applications. Review civil and architectural plans and specifications. Review and approve sign permits. Provide comments to other staff and applicants on conformance/compliance issues. Correspond with applicants as appropriate. Work with applicants to amend projects according to City regulations and design principles. Maintain record of decisions in City tracking system software.

Research and Prepare Amendments to the Land Development Regulations (5%): Identify development issues inappropriately addressed by current land development regulations. Consult with Zoning Administrator and Division Manager to develop a course of action. Review literature for best practices. Confer with other staff agencies where appropriate regarding issue. Develop proposed ordinance language for staff consideration. Prepare agenda item for Planning Commission consideration.

Investigate Violations of the Land Management Ordinance (5%): Identify violations via complaint or recognition in field. Inspect properties to confirm violation. Confer with property managers/owners. Issue violation notices where voluntary compliance does not occur. Re-inspect properties to verify compliance. Collaborate with zoning enforcement officer to issue municipal court summons where noncompliance occurs. Testify in court. Confirm compliance with court’s order. Work with property owners to determine easiest means of compliance.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

Formal Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in planning, design, public administration, or a related field is required. A Master’s degree is preferred.

Experience: Over two years of experience in planning, design, development review, public administration, and/or a related field are required.

Driver’s License Required: Class D South Carolina license.

Certifications and Other Requirements: Must meet professional development requirements for Local Planning or Zoning Officials per SC Code 6-29-1310.

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