Code Enforcement Officer (Zoning) – Greenville County
Posting Start Date: 08/31/2020
Posting End Date: 09/25/2020
$ 37,138.17

Code Enforcement Officer (Zoning): Under general supervision of the Zoning Administrator, conducts routine inspections related to zoning, including special zoning districts, residential and commercial site plans, and home occupations to ensure compliance with all regulations as required by the Greenville

County Zoning Ordinance.
 Exercises good customer service techniques, such as effective communication and problem solving. Communicates with applicants, developers, contractors, general public, Board of Zoning Appeals, Land Development Division, Code Compliance Division, property owners, etc.
 Performs inspections of residential and commercial sites to ensure compliance with applicable regulations for special zoning districts, including approved Statements of Intent and Final Development Plans.
 Inspects approved home occupations throughout the County for compliance with zoning requirements.
 Coordinates with Code Compliance Division to investigate code/condition violations; and works with owners and/or representatives to ensure compliance.
 Responds to inquiries from developers, general public, contractors, etc.; maintains accurate records of inspections, findings and conferences.
 Demonstrates thorough knowledge of County codes and ordinances; able to read approved plans and documents and ensure compliance in the field in areas such as architecture, landscaping, lighting, parking, and other constructed improvements.
 Prepares accurate and concise reports, documents and records; able to read and understand codes, laws and ordinances, including review district requirements; able to follow up in a timely manner, using a variety of organizational techniques; able to cooperate between departments in order to get effective solutions; able to provide witness statements in court proceedings; can work in a team environment.

Eligible candidates must possess:
 Associates Degree or combination of education and experience that provides necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities.
 Certification from International Code Council (ICC) for Zoning Inspector; or ability to obtain certification within one year of employment.
 Must possess valid South Carolina Driver’s License.

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