City of Manning, SC RFP – Updating Comprehensive Zoning Plan





The City of Manning will accept proposals from qualified consulting firms interested in updating the Comprehensive  Plan/Zoning Plan as required by the State of South Carolina.

Proposals are due Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 by 5:00 pm

The City of Manning invites qualified firms with considerable experience in community design, land use planning, economics, and citizen participation to submit proposals to update the current Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Ordinance.  The proposal shall include a plan for public awareness, public participation, and promotion of public awareness.  The proposal shall include how it will obtain input from the public and interested parties as well as proposed number and timing of public meetings and presentation at various stages of the study.

The City of Manning’s Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Ordinance is intended to serve as both a physical and policy plan to guide the City of Manning in its future decision-making concerning land use and development/redevelopment, mobility, infrastructure, economic development, community facilities, parks and recreation, transportation, as well as neighborhood and community enhancement for the next twenty years.  The City would like to build upon its existing plan and the consultant will guide and advise on how a new planning document can be better utilized and maintained by City officials and staff.

Elements of the comprehensive plan that must be addressed include the following:  population, economics, natural resources, cultural, community facilities and services, transportation, housing, land use, and investment.

The City of Manning is a small municipality of approximately 4200 residents located in Clarendon County which is in the midlands of South Carolina.

Proposals shall contain the following information as a minimum:

  1. The firm’s related experience on projects of similar size and scope.
  2. Description of key personnel involved in the study, including a detailed summary of each individual’s professional credentials.
  3. Detailed description of the methodology the firm will use in fulfilling the scope of work. It may include options the respondent wishes to propose, but must outline the public participation strategy.
  4. Time frame for completion of the scope of work.
  5. Lump sum price, including project expenses, broken down by each different task, and different proposed options within each task.
  6. Other information that the proposing firm may wish to include.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following considerations:

  1. The firm’s capability and experience
  2. Specific experience on projects of related scope
  3. Cost
  4. Proposed work schedule
  5. Proposed methodology

Questions may be directed by email or phone to Mary Adger,, or Scott Tanner, ,  Phone  803-435-8477.

Sealed proposals (5 copies) must be received at the Manning City Hall, 29 W. Boyce Street,  Manning, SC no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 30th,  2015.

The City of Manning reserves the right to reject any, all or part of this proposal and negotiate with all qualified Respondents.  The City may cancel this request in part or all if it is deemed in the best interest of the City.