Closing Date: 4/27/2020

Salary Range: DOQ

Associate Community Development Planner: Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA)
Reports to Program Director

The Mission of Greenville County Redevelopment Authority

Secure resources and educate stakeholders to meet the needs of Greenville County citizens through affordable housing.

Job Statement

 Under regular supervision, performs various planning and community development duties in support of Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA). Prepares planning and reporting documents required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for receiving Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grant, but not limited to the County’s 5 year Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan(APP) and Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER). Performs Environmental Review on all HUD funded projects and on any Federal Funded projects requiring Environment Review. Assists in the management of Housing Partners’ HOME and Greenville County Affordable Housing Fund (GCAHF) development projects. Assists with the preparation and implementation of the Neighborhood and Corridor plans for GCRA’s special emphasis neighborhoods. Conducts necessary research and prepares grants application suitable to implement goals and objectives of the organization. Prepares maps, Census data and conducts other data analysis required. Conducts any necessary feasibility and market studies, pre-development activities including but not limited to zoning, subdivision and planning approval process required for housing and community development projects. Conducts Income surveys and any other due diligence activities for programs and projects implements. Attend nightly community meeting as needed and give presentations as maybe required. Proficient skills in using various software programs, such as GIS mapping, Microsoft office products – word, excel PowerPoint, publisher and database. Prepares presentations, reports, maps, charts and graphs.

Job Description

Objective A

  1. Consolidated Plan – Every Five Years
    1. Plan and manage the Citizen Participation Process. Develop and publish notices, identify Stakeholders, develop and administer consultation surveys, develop public meeting presentations, record comments and participation schedule.
    2. Assist in Conducting Housing Assessment- research and analyze survey and demographic data available from HUD, Census Bureau and County data sources’ type and size of household in need of housing assistance, homeownership, renters, persons living with disabilities, cost burden, disproportionate needs of residents – census tracts and population type, etc.
    3. Needs Assessment and identification of Public service, facility and infrastructure improvement needs in the five participating municipalities and unincorporated areas of the County based on public comments, residents’ surveys and municipal consultation.
    4. Conduct market Analysis – relating to identification of supply, demand, condition and cost of housing, using available data, existing studies, research. Summarize barriers to affordable housing, identify workforce and infrastructure needs of business community and workforce development organizations. Prepare respective maps and graphics to reflect findings.
    5. Upload documentation to HUD – Econ Planning suite in Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).
  2. Annual Action Plan
    1. Annually plan and manage Citizen Participation process. Develop and administer consultation surveys, develop public meeting presentations, record comments and participation schedule.
    2. Complete Citizen participations process, consultation and complete various required sections of the Annual Action Plan in the econ planning suite.
    3. Complete Citizen participations process, consultation and complete various required sections of the Annual Action Plan in the econ planning suite.
    4. Assist with coordination of comments from Public Housing Authorities, County Planning Department and the Greenville County Human Relations.
    5. Assist to upload necessary documentations in HUD-Econ planning suite in IDIS.
  3. Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report
    1. Prepare and Publish public notices on website and local newspaper.
    2. Request and review data on housing and community development accomplishments from GCRA staff and partners on the use of HOME, CDBG and Economic Support Funds (ESF). Aggregate accomplishment data-based CAPER and upload to Econ planning suite in IDIS.
    3. Obtain accomplishment data from the Public Housing Authority and Greenville Human Relations and upload documentation to IDIS.
    4. Obtain required IDIS reports for completion of report.
    5. Complete required sections of the CAPER for final submission to HUD.

Objective B

Support staff in coordination of the review of submitted applications for Housing development application Housing Partners for the use HOME and GC Affordable Housing Fund (GCAHF).

  1. Supportive assistance and part of a review team for the Housing partners applications for HOME and GCAHF funding request. Score projects, accordingly, using the project eligibility and underwriting criteria
  2. Assist in completing project profile sheets for each development application and spreadsheet summary of the projects for Administrative Committee.
  3. Prepare approval and denial letter of projects to applicants as needed for execution

Objective C

Primary support staff – HOME and GC Affordable Housing Fund Approved Projects management (except for the CHDO funded projects)

  1. Complete Environmental Review of the projects funded with HOME funds.
  2. Assist the Program Director in preparing the respective development agreement on HOME and GC Affordable Housing approved projects.
  3. Coordinate all closings with GCRA Attorney and execution of the development agreements.
  4. Request for funding encumbrance with finance and set up electronic drawdown tracking and reimbursement request and inspections of completed work on the project by operations staff, consistent with reimbursement request.
  5. Track total project cost and leverage amounts.
  6. Conduct both report and physical monitoring on all projects.
  7. Obtain Annual report from each partner on their projects at the end of GCRA Fiscal Year.
  8. Close out project upon final draw down, construction of the units completed with receipt of certificate of Completion (if new) and the unit(s) occupied. Review all Business loan application for eligibility

Objective D

Support Environmental Review Staff: Review levels of Categorically Excluded, not subject to, Subject to, and Environmental Assessments

  1. Create hard and electronic file folders
  2. Conduct site visits, gather noise data and take photos
  3. Coordinate with three tribal historic preservation offices via certified mail and mail.
  4. Consult various online resources and County Staff regarding projects.
  5. Document statutory compliance and complete Environmental Review Record.
  6. Confirm Project scope, budget and funding from Program, Operations and Finance Director.
  7. Prepare and Publish notice in accordance with HUD regulation.
  8. Prepare and send off Request for Release of Funds to HUD.
  9. File HUD approved Release of fund in respective project file.
  10. Update staff on ER completion.

Objective E

Primary support staff to conduct project Feasibility and Market Study of potential housing development project.

  1. Serves as liaison between the GCRA and development professionals, public utilities, municipalities and residents to assist with the development and implementation of subdivision and infrastructure plans; assists in securing approval of site plans, subdivision plans and plats.
  2. Serves as liaison between the GCRA and development professionals, public utilities, municipalities and residents to assist with the development and implementation of subdivision and infrastructure plans; assists in securing approval of site plans, subdivision plans and plats.
  3. Research zoning standards to determine potential proposed density. Research proposed land use master plan recommendation. Prepare location map in GIS.
  4. Analyze various data resources i.e. Con plan, Census data, Hus reports, etc.
  5. Define overall demand for affordable housing for the locality and overall County.
  6. Define primary market area and demand for housing
  7. Conduct field work and prepare comparable units
  8. Make conclusions and identify potential zoning recommendations, housing typologies, proposed number of units.

Objective F

Primary point of contact to conduct Income eligibility survey: Conducts door-to-door surveys to determine if target neighborhoods are income-eligible in the absence of detailed census data.

  1. Clarify scope of work and prepare survey documentation based on current HUD income limits. Define project survey area and pull address of the subject area.
  2. Prepare survey results tracking sheet per street – print labels and letters. Conduct mailing and or door to canvasing, review completed survey for accuracy and eligibility, update tracking sheets accordingly.
  3. Determine eligibility of project and file documentation. Inform Program Director and Executive Director.

Objective G

Primary support staff on Research on resources and Grant application.

  1. Conducts research on possible resources and grant opportunities that will assist the agency to implement its goals and objectives.
  2. Prepares grant applications with peers to supplement the agency’s primary funding resources.
  3. Assist in the oversight and management of the respective grants in compliance with the respective requirements and regulations.
  4. Prepare any quarterly or annual reports as required. Close out grant upon completion.

Objective H

GIS mapping: Primary Person

  1. Administrator of the GIS maps – request updates to the ESRI software. Obtain shape files from Greenville County to prepare neighborhood maps or any required layers of information and maps as requested by administration or neighborhood for presentations, reports or documentation.
  2. Periodically conduct research and recommend new mapping and planning software to aid the agency in the due diligence decisions in projects.

Job Requirements

  1. Requires a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, community development, or public administration supplemented by two years of experience in planning and development, or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities
  2. Makes public presentations to inform the public about planning projects and programs; attends and participates in public meetings/hearings to discuss planning projects and issues
  3. Ability to deal with diverse population and stressful situations.
  4. A good understanding of pre-development activities required on real estate – residential developments.
  5. Ability to prepare GIS mapping as required.
  6. Ability to work cooperatively with other agency staff and community officials.
  7. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  8. Ability to present a professional and positive attitude to residents, staff and other organizations.
  9. Ability to conduct mathematical analysis on data.
  10. Valid South Carolina driver’s license.
  11. Computer literacy.

Email cover letter and resumes with salary requirements: EEO.

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