If you are planning on taking the AICP exam in November, APA offers an exam scholarship to those experiencing financial hardship. For instance, if your employer will not pay for you to take the exam due to budget restraints or whatever the matter, and therefore you have deferred taking it or cannot take it because of the cost, the APA South Carolina Chapter has been allotted one AICP exam scholarship for the November 2014 exam. For anyone interested, please submit to Kendra Cobbs (kcobbs@cityofflorence.com) by July 16th your full name, APA ID number, mailing address and an essay of up to 250 words stating your financial hardship. Special consideration will be given to those who have taken or are currently signed up for the APA South Carolina AICP Exam Class. If you can demonstrate financial need, and meet the following guidelines, your contact information may be forwarded to APA.

Reduced AICP Exam Fee Scholarship Selection Guidelines

  • Members of ethnic or racial minorities shall be given preference.
  • The applicant(s) selected will be otherwise unlikely to take the exam without the reduced fee.
  • The applicant’s employer will not subsidize the exam fee.

If you are selected, first time AICP applicants receive the reduced rate of $135 (combined $70 application and $65 exam fee) and previously approved AICP applicants receive the rate of $65 (exam fee only).
For any questions, please contact Kendra Cobbs at kcobbs@cityofflorence.com or (843) 665-2047.