2016 SCAPA Awards Program

2016 SCAPA Awards Program | Call for Nominations

The South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association conducts an awards program every two years. The Chapter awards program recognizes outstanding efforts and achievements that advance the art and science of planning in the Palmetto State. Each of the plans, projects, organizations and individuals recognized will demonstrate a contribution to the improvement of the quality of life for South Carolinians.

Awards are a valuable public awareness tool for local governments, agencies, and community organizations. SCAPA awards offer one of the few opportunities that South Carolina planners and communities have to highlight the virtues of planning and recognize those who contribute to the profession. Seven awards are being offered this year, one in each of the following categories. Except for the Distinguished Planner category, the 2016 award schedule will recognize effort and achievements occurring from August 2014 through July 2016.

Awarded in four different categories for a policy, plan, study, inventory, program, development project, implementation strategy, ordinance or other product.

  • Outstanding Planning Project – Large Urban
    Jurisdictions with a service area of 30,000 residents or greater.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Small Urban
    Jurisdictions with a service area of more than 10,000 and less than 30,000 residents.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Rural
    Jurisdictions with a service area of less than 10,000 residents.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Multi-jurisdictional
    A multi-jurisdictional project is a partnership of two or more local governments or two or more levels of government.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Innovative Use of Technology
    Awarded for the innovative use of technology in planning practice which has improved the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of planning efforts. Efforts can include the use of telecommunications, information technology, the Internet, information management and software resources, and other technology tools.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Public Outreach and Engagement
    Awarded for the innovative use of public outreach and engagement in planning practice which has improved the effectiveness and accuracy of planning efforts.
  • Outstanding Planning Project – Implementation
    Awarded for the successful implementation of a plan adopted by the local jurisdiction. Efforts can include projects from public, private and non-profit entities with significant investment and/or oversight of the project


The submissions will be reviewed based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Innovation: originality of concept or appreciable refinement of existing techniques.
  • Transferability: potential application to other geographic areas, jurisdiction, or to other projects.
  • Quality: excellence of thought, analysis, writing, graphics, presentation, or communication.
  • Implementation: success and effectiveness of project or potential for such if not already implemented.
  • Comprehensiveness: consideration of planning principles and broad range of public and private objectives.
  • Significance: overall importance at local, regional, and/or state planning levels.
  • Sustainability: degree to which the plan, policy, project, etc. is designed to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Cost Benefit: overall benefit of the plan in relation to the amount of resources (i.e. staff time, consultant fees, direct expenses, etc.) expended on the project.

Awarded to a planning professional who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the planning field within South Carolina over an extended period of time, and exhibits qualities which have led to successful accomplishment of planning goals, programs, or projects. Review and evaluation criteria include planning leadership and creativity, professional commitment, community service, recognized expertise, and ethical conduct.

Awarded in recognition of an individual or a group for an outstanding contribution to the advancement of quality planning in South Carolina and the exhibition of qualities which have led to successful accomplishment of planning goals, programs or projects. Nominees must have promoted the cause of planning in the public arena and can include members of planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals, architectural review boards, economic development boards, or other appointed or elected officials. Nominations can also include neighborhood leaders, conservationists, and other citizen planners or organizations. Persons earning their living as a professional planner are not eligible for this award. Criteria include the extent of support for planning and planners, the effectiveness of advocacy, and the broader potential for benefiting planning in South Carolina.

Recognizes a journalist, reporter, internet blogger, citizen planner or other individual whose use of media has been utilized for insightful and in-depth coverage of planning issues at the local, regional, and/or state levels that promote public understanding of, and participation in, the planning process. Evaluation criteria include effective communication of planning principles and concepts, depth of coverage, presentation style, the audience(s) reached, and impact on public awareness.

Nomination Package

Please review the Call for Nominations evaluation criteria for each award category. A nomination package should be completed for each nomination submitted. Please provide information relevant to the nomination category as required. Except for the Distinguished Planner category, the SCAPA 2016 Awards are for efforts and achievements occurring from August 2014 through July 2016. Nomination packages must be complete with all information outlined here.

Award Nomination Submission Instructions

Nominations shall be provided in a digital format. All files should be provided in PDF format and emailed to Robby Moody, AICP, Awards Chair at rmoody@catawbacog.org, 803.327.9041 or submitted online by clicking the button below or clicking here.

Any supporting documentation that cannot be provided in a digital format may be mailed to PO Box 10562, Rock Hill, SC 29731.  Please include five copies of the information such as graphic plan sheets, project documents, videos, photographs, slides, digital presentation, news clippings, letters of commendation, etc.

Nomination fees are $25.00 for the Outstanding Planning Award submissions; no fees are required for individual recognition submissions. To submit your payment by PayPal, please submit your nomination via this online form prior to the submission deadline.

Complete nomination packages must be received at the address shown below no later than 12:00PM on Friday, August 12, 2016 to be considered. Read receipt is requested on all digital submittals. Submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.

The Awards Jury has final determination as to the evaluation criteria, the selection of award recipients, and whether an award(s) is made in each category. Those submitting nominations will be notified of the results on or before Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Presentations will be made during the Awards Dinner scheduled for Thursday evening, September 22 during the SCAPA Fall Conference in Augusta, Georgia September 21-23, 2016.

All award recipients will be asked to provide a PowerPoint presentation or not more than 20 slides summarizing the project for use at the conference and on the Chapter website. Award recipients may also be asked to host a session on their project at the annual conference at the discretion of the Programs Chair.

Questions about the 2016 SCAPA Awards Program?  Contact Robby Moody, AICP, Awards Chair, at rmoody@catawbacog.org.